The owner of PROCUREMENTNETWORK, Erwin Overdijk, has a strong procurement background with more than 20 years experience in procurement consultancy and 15 years in interim management
and executive search in procurement and supply chain.

The owner of PROCUREMENTNETWORK builded up a large global LinkedIn network in Procurement & Supply Chain.

Websites of PROCUREMENTNETWORK are mobile friendly and have top positions in Google to attract the best procurement and supply chain professionals globally.    

PROCUREMENTNETWORK is completely specialised and dedicated to Procurement and Supply Chain, which attracts professionals and consultants. 

PROCUREMENTNETWORK has a wide experience with interim management, consultancy and change management and global executive search in procurement and supply chain, so we can serve our customers on all levels in these professions. Whether you require procurement consultancy and change management, supply chain consultancy, a temporary interim procurement consultant or supply chain consultant, or if you want to contract a category manager, procurement manager, CPO, senior buyer, supply chain manager, or a senior supply chain analyst or planner, we are able to assist our customers world-wide. 

PROCUREMENTNETWORK has already fulfilled procurement and supply chain projects in: The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, UK, Singapore, China, Argentine, Brazil, Philipinnes  and many more.  

We walk and talk procurement & supply chain ! 
Our global procurement and supply chain professionals and consultants have experience in procurement in many industries, such as:
chemical, (solar)energy, food, packaging, pharmaceutical industry, marine and executive yachting, aerospace industry, automotive industry, telecom, healthcare, bioindustry, chips industry, lightning industry, oil & gas sector, various wholesale, entertainment sector, catering services, facility services, procurement of indirects, capex procurement, real estate, manufacturing and procurement of technical components, dairy and nutrition, agriculture machinery, foodprocessing, and many other procurement categories and industries.     

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