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                               KNOW THE DRAGON RIGHT FROM ITS HEART, NOT ITS FACE

PROCUREMENTNETWORK offers - in co-operation with a local Chinese Consultant - a training
for senior businessmen and procurement executives whom want to improve their understanding
of the cultural differences in the Far East and get a detailled insight in the Chinese business psychologies & behaviors. Improve your knowledge of the different cultures and behaviours in
business in China and the Far East and boost your sourcing and business in these countries !   

With a highly competitive and motivated population of 1.3 billion people providing fast growing demand and productivity, business people from almost every corner of the world are attracted
to the potential of extending their business into China, either as expatriates, buyers, sellers, manufacturers, investors, or venture partners.  In whatever business role they undertake, they
all face one common challenge.  China has a highly complex and intensive cultural history
spanning over 49 centuries, which influences how the Chinese society lives and behaves. 
A lack of preparation in seeking to comprehensively and competently understand enough
about their Chinese counterparts (in terms of their history, philosophies and culture that
pertains to business behaviors and thinking) is likely to result in many of China's international
trading partners' failure to achieve the business results they desire or deserve.

Many international business people are unaware that their business dealings could have been
more rewarding had they made the initial effort to understand and build a stronger business relationship with their Chinese counterparts.  In reality, it is not often possible to absorb 49
centuries of Chinese civilization within the short timeframes available, or to gain a reasonable
insight into those parts that are relevant to success in doing business effectively and skilfully
with Chinese counterparts.  While only minor areas of China's immense and complex culture
may be commercially meaningful, to undertake full curriculum college level or specialist
education in either one of these categories are not what everyone can spare (or want to spare)
with the involved time and costs.  Often, many overseas business people rely upon learning
about their Chinese counterparts as they directly work with them.  This approach is not only unreliable but may end up being negotiated the hard way (consciously as well as unconsciously).

How We Can Help
To strengthen an overseas client's strategic position before dealing with Chinese counterparts,
we share our knowledge, experience and insight with them by offering:

1) Accelerated learning of the Chinese nation's history, philosophies and culture that pertain to business cultures, behaviors and mentalities (indispensable intellective foundations for astute predictions and manoeuvres with Chinese partners).

2) Ploys and tactics in handling Chinese partners (useful guidance in avoiding mistakes and implementing strategies to achieve desired business outcomes).

3) Advising on solutions to overcome doubts and problems relevant to business cultures,
behaviors and mentalities in business dealings with Chinese partners (enlightening clients
to the immediate needs or solutions sought at any time).

Consultancy and mentoring can be performed face -to-face meeting with the audience
(one-on-one or a small group). Interested clients are normally invited to discuss the
background of their business, status of their China trade (including but not limited to people
they work with, problems encountered, accomplishments, visions etc…), what they expect
to know or find out, issues they wish to solve etc.  A tailored proposal will be prepared in
response to this consultation.  Service packages are prepared and executed according to
the client's concurrence.

For more information, please contact Erwin Overdijk, Managing Director, Procurementnetwork.eu, +31 (0)6 382 282 02, info@procurementnetwork.eu